About the Author

Stephanie Byng received her bachelors degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University in 2008. While there, she participated in many activist organizations. She was the Director of Administration for the Associated Students for Women’s Issues (ASWI) organization and the Purple Ribbon Rape Awareness Campaign Director.

She was the president of the NAU chapter of the Psi Chi honor society in psychology for a year. During that time, she orchestrated and facilitated a statewide conference that highlighted Psychology Undergraduate Research. This conference spanned two days and included student research from the three major universities in Arizona.

She is an advocate for women's issues, an activist for self-esteem and an aficionado of feminism and equality. She believes that every woman deserves to love her body and to explore her sexuality by her own terms, not those set forth by patriarchy or male sexuality. She's a creative person at her core and finds pleasure in writing, creating, sharing, and learning. She fights for what she believes in, hates being bored, and strives to make a difference in the world.

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